RSPB Celebration Wood at Dove Stone

Keep a special memory alive at Celebration Wood at Dove Stone

The RSPB look after a section of beautiful land around Dove Stone Reservoir, this area of land will be used to create a natural Celebration Wood. With families having a tree planted in memory of their loved one, cremated remains or ashes can also be planted with the tree.

What trees are available in the RSPB Celebration Wood at Dove Stone?

Families can choose either a common alder, rowan, sessile oak, silver birch or wild cherry.

Is there a plaque or marker with the tree?

Each tree comes with two handmade ceramic leaf markers, one stays with the tree, the other yours to keep.

RSPB Celebration Wood Ceramic Leaf

How much does a tree cost?

The suggested donation for each tree is £495, this donations covers the cost of RSPB purchasing and caring for the tree, creation and maintenance of the wood and support for the wider Dove Stone site and RSPB work.

When can I visit?

The woodland created, has lovely benches and walkways. The area is going to be kept natural, with wildflowers sown among the trees.

If I want further information and to plant a tree, who do I contact?

Further information is available on the RSPB website, there is further information and pictures as well as the contact for the RSPB Celebration Wood at Dove Stone.