Cremated Remains Options

There are a range of cremated remains options. Initially TW Birks & Son will collect the ashes from the crematorium on your behalf, unless requested otherwise, and look after them until you have decided what you would like to do with them.

Different Cremated Remains Options


Scattering of Cremated Remains

At The Crematorium

Firstly, the cremated remains can be scattered at the crematorium. Additionally, if required, there is a range of memorial options available at the crematorium, for a full brochure please contact the funeral home or crematorium directly.

Scattering elsewhere

Secondly, cremated remains are often scattered in a favourite place. Before scattering on private land, the permission of the land-owner should be sought. If the ashes are to kept a while before scattering or a decorated container required, look at the scatter tube options: Scatter Tube Options

Further Scatter Tube Options and Personalised Scatter Tubes can be seen in our general brochure:

Forever Urns 2016 Brochure With Prices

Burial of Cremated Remains

Thirdly, in many areas there is the option to bury or inter cremated remains in a churchyard or cemetery. With a memorial stone or plaque erected to mark the location.

The options available depend on your location and there are often fees payable to either the church or council. Please contact the funeral home to discuss through the options available to you.

View suitable caskets for burial  in our brochure, downloadable below. Alternatively your local branch will have a selection on display.

Forever Urns 2016 Brochure With Prices

Keeping the Cremated Remains at Home

Fourthly, the cremated remains could be carefully transferred into a special urn or casket of your choice.

We offer a wide selection of unique high quality Cremation and Funeral Urns and Keepsake Options.

Please look through our brochure below:

Forever Urns 2016 Brochure With Prices


Memorial Jewellery

Lastly, a small portion of the cremated remains can be transferred into a beautiful piece of keepsake jewellery.

Ashes Into Glass

All our branches have display cabinets for the ‘Ashes Into Glass‘ range. For a brochure and price list please contact your local office. Alternatively click the link to download a PDF version of the Ashes into Glass Brochure.

Ashes Into Glass Range

Ashes Into Glass Range

Other Keepsake Jewellery

Further keepsake jewellery designs are shown in our brochure:

Forever Urns 2016 Brochure With Prices