Digital Autopsy Facility in Bradford and Sheffield

We were recently invited to tour the state of art digital autopsy facilities at Bradford and Sheffield.

Like traditional methods, a Digital Autopsy aims to establish a cause of death. However, instead of the body being cut with a scalpel, it utilises scans and digital technology to complete the post mortem process.

How does a digital autopsy work?

Firstly the deceased is scanned using a CT (computed tomography) scanner. The data from the scan is then processed to create a detailed 3D whole body reconstruction of the deceased. Specially trained radiologists and pathologists are able to examine the reconstruction layer-by-layer to determine the cause of death.

How much is the cost of a digital autopsy?

Currently the cost is £600.00 payable by the family at the time when a Digital Autopsy is requested and agreed to by the Coroner.  Should the Digital Autopsy results prove inconclusive and a traditional post mortem is required the fee will be refunded to the family.

Who provides a digital autopsy?

Digital Autopsy is pioneered by iGene, a company specialising in the development of Advance medical Visualisation Technology.  Since the early 2000s iGene has worked to develop its Digital Autopsy software, providing a compassionate and dignified way to establish a cause of death.

Further information on the digital autopsy process?

Is available at the iGene website