Organising a Funeral Reception or Wake


Organising a funeral reception or wake after the funeral service to provides an opportunity for family and friends to gather and share their memories and to celebrate the life of the person who has passed away.

As there are a number of options and venues, families are often unsure of where to return back to and we advise families to compare the different options and venues that are available.

Organising a Funeral Reception or Wake

There are 3 main ways to organise refreshments after a funeral.

  1. Book a restaurant, public house or hotel.
    These venues will provide catering and the use of their facilities including the bar. If they are unable to offer catering they will often welcome the services of an outside caterer of your choice.
  2. Book a private venue such as a village or church hall and organise the services separately of an outside caterer of your choice.
  3. Invite mourners back to your home or a private address and organise your own
    catering or the services of an outside caterer of your choice.

Funeral Reception or Wake Suggested Venues

We have comprised lists of suggested venues by crematoria and area, please click on your nearest Crematorium which will open a new page:


FAQs about a Organsing a Funeral Reception or Wake

  • Do I have to provide refreshments after the funeral?
    No. There is no requirement to provide refreshments after a funeral.
    This is done at the wishes and discretion of the people involved in organising the funeral.
  • Are the costs of the funeral refreshments included in the funeral directors fees?
    No. The refreshments will be an additional cost. You will be responsible for organising and making payment to the venue and/or caterer direct. However your funeral director will always be available to answer any questions or offer advice.
  • Who is responsible for organising the refreshments after the funeral?
    The person organising the funeral should make provision for refreshments or delegate that duty to someone they can trust to carry out the task. Your funeral director will be available to answer any questions or offer advice but any final arrangements should be made directly with the venue/caterer.
  • At what point in the funeral service is it best to serve refreshments?
    The majority of families, decide to end with the refreshments after the committal/interment. However the refreshments can be served at various points during the funeral service dependent upon time and availability. Your funeral director will be happy to discuss this with you and help you decide the format of the service.
  • Will tea and coffee included?
    Always check with the venue/caterer. Tea and coffee may be provided and can sometimes incur extra cost.
  • Can photographs or memorabilia be displayed at the refreshment venue?
    Yes. Always discuss this with the venue to ensure an area is available for the display.
    We can lend you a large display board on which you can attach your own photos too.
    Some families also choose to have a book of remembrance available for mourners to fill in at the refreshment venue too.
  • How do I get to the venue after the funeral?
    If you have hired limousines to transport the main mourners to and from the service, the limousines will also take you onto your refreshment venue. The limousines can either wait with you at the venue or return back to collect you if required. Please confirm all the transport arrangements with your funeral director.