Assistance With Funeral Costs

Assistance With Funeral Costs

We try and be as open and honest as possible with all our pricing. We are more than happy to give full quotations verbally over the phone and in writing. During our funeral arrangements we will provide you with a full written estimate, in accordance with NAFD guidelines. As an independent funeral director, we answer to our families not shareholders. Therefore independent funeral directors, like ourselves, are often found to be cheaper than larger national organisations.  We will never try and sell you anything you do not need. Our priority is making sure you have the funeral you need and we can help you make the arrangements as affordable as possible.

One of the ways we help, is in the wide range of payment options we accept:

  • cash
  • cheque
  • debit card
  • credit card
  • BACS
  • monthly installments

For local families we do not ask for essential disbursements upfront. We appreciate when someone passes away, especially unexpectedly, there is so much to sort out and it can take time to get the money for the funeral ready.

Assistance from The Government

Assistance with funeral costs from the social fund

If you are on a low income and need help to pay for a funeral you are arranging, you could get a Funeral Payment from the social fund. How much you get depends on your circumstances and if you qualify.

Further advice and the SF200 application form is available from your funeral director.

For further information, please visit or contact your local Job Centre Plus office on 0845 604 3719 and Further advice is available from your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau.

Other Government Financial Support

Bereavement Payment

If your husband, wife or civil partner has died you may be able to get a Bereavement Payment: a one-off, tax-free, lump-sum payment of £2,000.

-You may be able to claim a Bereavement Payment if all the following apply
-You were under State Pension age when your husband, wife or civil partner died
-Your husband, wife or civil partner wasn’t entitled to Category A State Retirement Pension when they died
-They paid National Insurance contributions, or they died as a result of an industrial accident or disease

Further information is available on their website.

Bereavement Allowance (previously Widow’s Pension)

You might be able to claim Bereavement Allowance (previously known as Widow’s Pension) if you’re widowed between 45 and State Pension age.

Again further information is available on their website.

Widowed Parent’s Allowance

You might be able to claim Widowed Parent’s Allowance if you’re widowed under State Pension age and have at least one dependent child. You may also be able to claim if you’re pregnant and your husband has died, or you’re pregnant after fertility treatment and your civil partner has died. You can get Widowed Parent’s Allowance until you stop being entitled to Child Benefit.

Again further information is available on their website. 

Assistance with funeral costs of a current or retired member of the Armed Forces

The British Legion may be able to give a grant to help cover the cost of a funeral if you are struggling with the expense. For further information on their grants visit the British Legion website.

Assistance with the funeral costs for a baby or child

There are no charges for our necessary funeral services for a baby or child (under the age of 16). We also pass on any disbursements at their cost price.

There is a national charity, which we support, The Child Funeral Charity, which provided financial support is available from us to help with funeral disbursement costs, together with practical advice and guidance.

There is a small charity in the Huddersfield area, The Joseph Salmon Trust, which offers financial support for those who have lost a child.